House Mouse

An army of mice from James!

Mus musculus

The house mouse is one of the world’s most common rodents. They’re originally from Asia but have been transported to every country by man. They are omnivores and their diet is largely indiscriminate- a house mouse will even eat their own droppings. As the name implies, these mice like to nest in man-made structures where they are safe from the elements and have access to the kitchen.



a contribution by James!

Lynx rufus

A North American wild cat with at least a dozen subspecies and no real predator besides humans. Bobcats live in all sorts of climates all over the United States, Northern Mexico, and Southern Canada. The tail on an adult male is between 4 and 7 inches, giving it a ‘bobbed’ look. It preys upon a wide range of creatures, as small as insects and as large as deer, but prefers rabbits and hares (Eastern Cottontails are a favorite).

Ring-tailed Lemur

a drawing by James

Lemur catta

The Ring-tailed Lemur is the most recognized lemur because of its pretty, striped tail. They like to sun bathe and can solve simple arithmetic. Can you believe there’s actually such a thing as a lemur ball? It’s when a group of lemurs cuddle together for warmth and bonding. They are the cutest!