a contribution by James!

Lynx rufus

A North American wild cat with at least a dozen subspecies and no real predator besides humans. Bobcats live in all sorts of climates all over the United States, Northern Mexico, and Southern Canada. The tail on an adult male is between 4 and 7 inches, giving it a ‘bobbed’ look. It preys upon a wide range of creatures, as small as insects and as large as deer, but prefers rabbits and hares (Eastern Cottontails are a favorite).


Sphynx Cat

a contribution from Dave!

Felis catus

Maybe not the most common or fluffy breed of domestic cat, but the Sphynx is a weird and wonderful little pet. Also known as the Canadian Hairless, it is not truly hairless, but covered with faint, downy hair. Lack of a standard fur pelt makes the Sphynx extra warm to the touch and they are great fans of cuddling up to other creatures for warmth. They are also known to have cute, little pot bellies.